Monday, April 4, 2011

Falling Falling: A Poem

snow bird squarish-polaBy Bethely Cameron

bustle and fluster of flurries
falling in bunches
on branches extended like fingers
to catch white ribbons
that lay along their lines

fluff highlighting form
among February’s faint pink buds
and delicate twigs
outlining small leaves
huddled close on their stalks:
small symmetries that stayed the winter’s

falling together in clumps
to cover bush, bike, and sidewalk
falling before footsteps
(with a cushy crunching noise)
revealing the morning’s movements:
records of the small dog’s line of round and
scattered steps

and the snow, falling,
falls still

met by curling clouds
that rise from rooftops:
a net of smoke somehow seeming to
slow the steady stream

out of a foreign gray region
that the trees do not touch
comes endlessly falling
pieces together
fluttering to follow
twisting paths

I claim absolutely no credit for these beautiful words. I met Bethely through Regent and this poem of hers was published in the college publication Et Cetera. I wanted to share it as I think she so beautifully describes the recent big snow we had here in the city not long ago. It's spring here now or at least becoming spring on the West Coast but winter (and snow) still cling on in the mountains and most of the rest of Canada.


  1. so beautiful and inspiring. thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely glad you commented on my blog and to have found another kindred space among the noise of the intertubes!

    look forward to following more.

    many hearts...rhya


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