Friday, October 18, 2013

Flaming Bells

Flame tree
Flame tree
Flame tree
Flame tree
Flame tree
Flame tree
A single, brilliant, flame tree stopped us in our tracks this week. Brisbane does colour well, don't you think?

Monday, October 14, 2013

"When the bloom of the Jacaranda tree is here...

9th Oct_ ...Christmas time is near." This song is from Christmas in the Scrub (an Australian Christmas tape that was on high rotation through-out my childhood). The Jacarandas seem early to flower this year which I've heard may be because of an especially warm spring. I know lots of people associate these beauties with exams and assignments but for me they bring the excited anticipation that Christmas is around the corner. Although we're not there for at least another month, purple (or blue) is the liturgical colour of Advent, so I think they are indeed a fitting reminder to begin to prepare our hearts for the gift of Christmas. (Although not native, they've been well assimilated here in Brisbane and they sure do look beautiful all across our city. These are just a few I have come across). 10th Oct_ (40) 6th Oct_ (16) Jacarandas in bloom 6th Oct_ (10) 10th Oct_ (17)
10th Oct_ (37)
Jacarandas in Art
I am particularly fond of Jan Jorgensens work (above 4 paintings). She makes me want to paint more. She captures the hills, light and greenery of Brisbane so truthfully that when I see her work I always feel so proud to call this beautiful city home. I love the purple bursts hidden among the roof tops.
Fancy Footwork, Paddington by Jan Jorgensen
Heart of Rosalie
by Jan Jorgensen
New Day November, Paddington
by Jan Jorgensen
Kennigo Cat, Spring Hill by Jan Jorgensen
A classic and perennial favourite to visit at the Queensland Art Gallery;
Under the Jacaranda
by R. Godfrey Rivers, Brisbane, 1903.
And I am new to this artists work, but I love it;
The Jacaranda Tree
by Tania Heben (North Queensland)