Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cristo ha resucitado!

En verdad, esta resucitado! (Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!)
This morning we had a beautiful celebration at church; a big breakfast, lots of flowers, clapping and hip swaying, joyous singing, processions and tears of joy. The branches and crosses in the sanctuary which have been bare for the past few weeks were draped with colourful fabric. We all brought flowers to adorn the cross and poured out on to the street after the service. The pictures of course don't do justice to the atmosphere of celebration and thanksgiving. The building was full and this was certainly a wonderful culmination and fulfilment of the waiting and sacrifice of lent. Those first words are in Spanish. People were encouraged to share this greeting with the congregation in their native tongue, not that Spanish is mine but I like the idea of idea of it...
Poor old Joshua missed it all as he stayed in bed soothing his man cold (which apparently Canadians haven't heard of... if you're also unfamiliar with this life-threatening illness this clip explains it well.)

Here are some other signs of spring and resurrection which have been appearing around our neighborhood:
The outside photos were all taken on my walks around our neighbourhood, there are some little tomato seedlings in egg cartons on our window sill, pretty pale pink carnations Josh bought from an entrepreneurial man on the street and those purpley tulips came up in our front lawn all on their own. I do love spring and celebrating Easter during springtime has given it new significance. May the JOY and HOPE of the Resurrection affect how you and I live every day of the year!


  1. Wow, your photos of vancouver are super beautiful! i can't wait for my trip out in june! i hope there are still some cherry blossoms around.

  2. Those cherry blossoms are just gorgeous!

  3. Hopefully there are still a few around for you Rhya, if not cherry blossoms there should be some other lovely things! The tree in our yard was a little late blooming but is now full of white blossoms.
    Aren't they just Jaime. Ta

  4. Great selection of photos - I would love to visit but can't see it happening this year at least.

    In Miriam and Fred's wedding photos is the sunlight lady 'Roma' from ASC Mt Nebo?

    Your camera is certainly getting a workout and proving to be a worthwhile purchase.
    Much Love

  5. Nice to dream about coming anyhow Cass, at least you would have free accomodation here and we would cook for you and take you around the city and mountains. One day maybe.

    Yes I believe it is Roma and she had a Mt Nebo connection (ASC - after school care?).

    Small world hey?! Love you!


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