Friday, April 15, 2011

Op shopping

tea towels
Here people laugh when I say op-shop, because they call second-hand stores Thrift Stores or Sally-Ann's (Salvation Army) (North Americans seem to love double-barrelled girls names...) I was quite happy to find these 2 new tea towels for 50c each hiding under a pile of other linens. I am slowly collecting a few simple things we will need when we move in two weeks... upstairs! We are currently renting the middle story of a house and it worked out in God's amazingly perfect timing that the girl upstairs was leaving just as we were needing somewhere. What an easy move it will be to a cute attic space, all self contained, small enough we shouldn't collect too much stuff, but large enough to be liveable and still quaint.


  1. Don;t you just adore a good deal? Congrats on the upcoming move and thanks for stopping by the NutHouse.

  2. I love love the kew gardens one! so beautiful!

  3. These look great. What an awesome find!


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