Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Timms Rd

Sunset over Timms Road Spring flowering tree Joshua studies from home most days (and we try our best not to interupt him...) but he is always great at taking a break from 5pm onwards (or whenever I call on him really) to play with Ignatius and help with our evening routine. I recently took the chance to ride my bike up the road, camera over my shoulder, to take in the last of the afternoon light. I like this picture of Timms Rd. It is an industrial road, busy with trucks and often littered in rubbish, and yet there is something beautiful about it here, in this light. I like these hills which are a distinctive feature of Brisbane, whose roads are a big, wiggly mess (but often quirky and endearing) compared to the neat, numbered avenues of somewhere like Vancouver. These lovely flowers are blooming across the city at present, perhaps Brisbane's version of cherry blossoms.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Portraits in August

Ignatius motorbike mirrorWeek 31: Refelction in the mirror of one of my Uncle Barry's 1920's motorbikes.  week 32Week 32: I wore this blue jumpsuit when I was little. Ignatius is checking out the chicken feed with two lovely Sommer boys. week 33Week 33: He looks unsure here, but I promise he loved camping at Agnes Waters with Uncle Scott and Aunty Alice. week 34
Week 34: Freshly awake.
week 35Week 35: A big morning. A home-made ice-block stained t-shirt.

(This month is a little lacking in smiles now I see them, but this is perhaps a realistic collection for that reason. We have been sick for too long. I am hoping he has a whole mouthful of teeth to show for the trouble any day now. He still laughs beautifully and smiles generously, sometimes, just a little more coaxing is needed). 

 *This post is part of the 52 project: a portrait of Ignatius, once a week, every week (posted monthly...), in 2013.*