Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tea and treats

yoghurt-panna-cotta-2 While Charles and Chris were visiting from Australia recently we enjoyed MANY cups of tea. These little sweet treats were a delighful accompaniment one evening made with local rhubarb, honey AND hazelnuts. Mmmm... they weren't too sweet like a lot of desserts are and the left overs made a perfect breakfast the next day for Joshua and I. Recipe from page 40 of the lovely (free) publication Edible magazine. So looking forward to greeting my beautiful mum and dad Jenny and Paul at the airport on Saturday morning. Many more cups of tea and games of cribbage ahead!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers in my garden

It is almost Summer here officially. Time has once again gotten away on me (though I'm really not sure if I know anyone who has conquered it fully...) so here are just a few photos of the last few weeks. The top two pictures were taken on a Sunday picnic walk during a 2 week stretch of glorious sunshine. It was blissful! Unfortunately this sunny weather ended just before Chris and Charles arrived for a visit. At least Vancouver is beautiful even in the gloom. walk-beside-the-lake
Charles,-Chris,-Joshua baby-pear flower-vine
Oh and it poured rain for one final goodbye as Josh drove his parents to the bus station early on the 8th, but it did fine up enough for a picnic on the back lawn for my birthday evening. Oh Vancouver. City of rain. I like you when you're dark and wet, but you're just exquisite when you let the sun shine through!

Monday, June 4, 2012

tree tops

Had a lovely visit to Vancouver Island with Josh's mum and dad over the weekend. One of the highlights was the rugged west coast along the Juan de Fuca Strait and thee beautiful trees as we wandered down to the beach. It was great to see the open Pacific Ocean again.