Tuesday, July 23, 2013


yellow pom pom blooms
crown silvery foliage
with sweet honey scent _DSC0021 _DSC0023 _DSC0019 _DSC0022 1 _DSC0020

A haiku and some winter wattle, drawn in an art class I ran today. Artists aged between 5 and 7ish.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Portraits in June

week 23 8th June 1 Week 23: Playing in a boat with the big kids. It wont be long before he is running around with them.
week 24 10th June_ (1) Week 24: Just woken up after a snuggle with Great Grandma (GG) week 24_25 16th June_ Week 25: This boy is always checking out tyres - pram and stroller tyres, bike tyres at the shops... I gave in and let him get filthy with these big car tyres. Maybe a mechanic like his Uncle Dan? week 26 27th June_ Week 26: A sandy, cheeky grin. We had fun camping at the beach with friends (and cousins).

 *This post is part of the 52 project: a portrait of Ignatius, once a week (or...once a month), every week, in 2013.*

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brisbane Winter

chair-and-house-in-sun _DSC0057
oranges-and-gum _DSC0040 
I love Brisbane in Winter;
yellow pompoms and silver foliage
blue skies
citrus in abundance
bare frangipani trees
birthday breakfasts
woolen snuggles
dappled light
reading in the afternoon sun, a rusty tin roof against the sky
orange cascade
snowflake flowers
party banners
pass the parcel on a picnic rug
gum blossum buds
wattle like baby corn
a sunny morning coffee spot
yellow gold
a local orchard, a shedding tree
glorious sunsets