Saturday, November 3, 2012

Father and son

Dad-and-Iggy-in-the-garden Josh-and-Ignatius-sleeping early-bath-time sleeping-on-dad Boys Iggy-holding-on-to-Joshwa silhouette-yellow bathtime-fun-bw Morning-cuddles My two boys. What a joy. Josh will often lie down to comfort Ignatius and get drawn into sleep as well. When I once got out of bed before them both it was such a joy to hear them wake up together and chat away - Iggy speaking in his own gurgly way. The little guy was unsure about it the first few times, but as you can see he now loves baths with dad. What a blessed lady I am. (Oh and I should mention that Josh isn't a poser at all and wouldn't really want me posting a whole lot of pictures of him if I asked his permisison. I just can't help myself taking a bajillion photos of these handsome two.)