Monday, September 10, 2012


Cloudy-blue-mountains I love mountains, especially covered in evergreens and lots of whispy clouds. I'm partial to a touch of snow as well. These are pictures from the Rocky Mountain drive I did with my mum and dad. Green-grass-and-fence-with-cows Misty-trees Wildflowers Concrete-mountains Purple-flower-in-Jasper Mountains-in-clouds Lichen-on-branches Church-steeple

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Peony-squarish These beautiful ladies deserve a post of their own. After the winter ground had thawed this peony plant came back from hibernation. I love that about spring here - everything is bare in winter, and so when green shoots start to show their faces, it is all a surprise as to what will be in the garden. (Well it has been for us at least as we've been in a different house for each spring). This peony plant flowered in June when mum and dad were visiting. It is such a gift to be able to enjoy something so beautiful that was planted by others. I have also planted some peonies and other bulbs, that did not flower this year, but I hope will be appreciated by future tenants at the 'treehouse'. I think flowers are a lovely legacy to leave, don't you? Peony-buds Peonies Peony

The photos to match the sketches

Picnic-and-poppies Cutting-bread-for-picnic Iced-tea Tomatoes-and-bocciccini Painting-in-the-garden Josh-reading-in-the-garden It's September the 8th! Wowsers! I think I am going to use lots of exclamation marks. I feel like I need them! Vancouvers delightful summer has come and gone. Well not quite gone, if it is anything like last year then Septmeber will be a beautiful 'Indian Summer'. The days however, are certainly getting shorter, I've caught some sneaky leaves falling, children have gone back to school this week, AND we have a baby arriving this month. Big change is in the air and I'm excited about this new season in so many ways. In reflection on the loveliness of summer's abundance, and in preparation for change, I've been meaning for a long time to post photos, before they get forgotten on my over crowded hard drive. I hope to have lots more up over the next few days.