Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Smiths

Smith family-0101 Smith family-0167 Smith family-0597 Smith family-0609 Smith family-0618 Smith family-0641 Smith family-0735 Smith family-0781 Smith family-0794 Smith family-0835 I had so much fun with the Smith family. It was such an honour to be invited into their home and to roll around on the fresh lawn following the fun. We drank tea in beautiful mugs and nibbled freshly made caramel slice. Chrissie even offered me the very best piece - a little blackened and beautifully caramelised from the side of the tin. It's always the little things. I snapped away while everyone played; lego, dinosaurs, trampolining, soccer and piggy back races - It was beautiful to see mum and dad getting stuck right in with the boys. I'm sure you'll agree what are an incredibly gorgeous bunch these four are - a definite treat for me.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Noisy moon

September here and there-0521 We moved to this cosy little home a few months ago now, just as as spring was beginning. There were a few cool nights, but it wasn't long until spring seemed to give way to summer. Two year old Ignatius' explanation of the cicada song that started up as the evenings grew warmer (as he points out the door): "it's a noisy moon". afternoon sunlight-0354 October 17th-0370 October 17th-0340 September here and there-0616 October-0110 September here and there-0479 October-0078 October-0077 October-0074 October-0068 October-0062 September here and there-0456 Sunset streams onto a messy table/ Ignatius' two favourite things at the moment - trucks and flowers/ Roses from our garden - such a gift to inherit a lovely garden to tend and nurture/ Beautiful wisteria hangs over the neighbour's fence to us/ Neighbours on the west and our shade house/ Ignatius on his bike/ A lone, handsome palm tree/ November Lilies flowering in October/ Roses through the fence/ Jacarandas and Silky Oaks in bloom together/ Sweaty curls after a nap.