Thursday, August 29, 2013


We are on the edge of Winter becoming Spring. The sweet, heady smell of Jasmine fills the air and takes me back to moments of my childhood at Mt Nebo. I love the way that memories are tied up in smells. The Jasmine climbing over our wire makes this one of the most beautiful (and fragrant) garages in all of Brisbane. In fact, it is almost too lovely to park cars in here. Sadly the Jasmine is now coming to the end of flowering but other things in the garden are getting ready for spring and and before we know it, summer. I heard the first of the summer cicadas chirping in the park yesterday, and the local mango trees now have flowers.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunlit room

sunlight into a messy room I came across this picture from a few months ago. The light reminds me of the chiaroscuro (the strong contrast of dark and light) which is so prominent in the work of Vermeer which I love so much. This is his piece Woman Holding a Balance and I have a feeling I am drawn to it in part because my mum had it framed on the wall when I was young. It also reminds me of Rembrandt's piece The Return of the Prodigal Son which I have been thinking about since I started reading Henri Nouwen's book (a freebie from the local op-shop!) by the same title, where he shares the incredible impact this artwork had on him and the many years of personal and spiritual growth which were encouraged by his reflection on the characters. Art at its best really can be so inspiring and life giving!

Vermeer image sourced here, Rembrandt image sourced here.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portraits in July

week 27_ (1)Week 27: Beetroot  fingers
week 29_Week 28: Biking babe week 29
Week 29: I wonder how these sunflower seeds got all over the floor...?
week 30
Week 30: Iggy has started pointing. He points to family photographs in the hallway, to friends as they arrive, to noises he hears. Also working on clapping at the moment.

 *This post is part of the 52 project: a portrait of Ignatius, once a week, every week (posted monthly...), in 2013.*