Friday, March 4, 2011

Winter wonderland

Snowy compilation roadSomething I've wanted to do for a long time is to live somewhere that has 4 seasons* - an autumn that's red and orange and golden, a white winter, a spring full of fresh bulbs and a summer of long daylight hours. My winter has been fulfilled. It REALLY snowed on the weekend. It didn't last long, but it was all we needed to experience it in all it's fluffy freshness. *Brisbane has seasons of it's own - summer, a little bit cooler, a little bit warmer and then summer, summer summer. But really, I do especially love the change of seasons in Brisbane but a tropical climate just doesn't have the stark differences that Vancouver has to offer me. Brisbane I still love you and being away makes me appreciate you more.
Snowy compilation cat
These were all taken on an early Sunday morning stroll. The snow began on Saturday, very fine like castor sugar (refer to Types of Snow Diagram), by Saturday night we'd experienced feather pillow snow and it looked to be sticking around. We ran around the neighborhood Saturday night like little kids - and were pleased to see lots of others doing the same at 11pm. You have to make the most of it while you can! I woke up early with that excitement you get on your birthday. I had had nightmares about all the snow being melted, but thank the Lord it had snowed all night! It was thick and glorious, and I was keen to make sure my footprints were some of the first.
snowy compilation
I wasn't the only one leaving foot prints. I was pleased to find evidence that another friend had visited our place. I thought moving to the city we might have had to say goodbye to wildlife, but thankfully there are lots of city-dwelling squirrels and raccoons who choose the fast paced lifestyle of the suburbs.
Raccoon foot prints


  1. Oh I am so jealous - I will never forget the excitement of waking up to a snowy morning. And I think you love it so much more because it is so different to Brisbane

  2. Hi Sharolyn

    Last year, in a moment of political desperation, I announced that my family would be moving to Canada if Tony Abbott ever became Prime Minister of Australia (LOL!). (It was particularly embarrassing when my 7 year old proceeded to share this with everyone in 'class news' the next day).

    I'm beginning to wonder if my grand announcement may come back to haunt me!

    Anyway, your beautiful snow pictures have me inspired, but a little worried about the cold!

  3. Oh wow. That looks beautiful but so, so cold. Brisbane sounds like Houston! We have cool, cooler & then hot, hot, hot for 3/4 (or more) of the year.


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