Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Work part 2

Finished crosses
Here are some of the finished crosses I have been making after they were fired, glazed and re-fired:
Finished crosses 2
I was also able to glaze some others for firing in the near future. This was all new to me. The glaze colours as you can see them below are very misleading. Some of the pinkish looking ones will become browns, greens and blacks and some of the green looking ones will turn that lovely raspberry red you can see in the picture above. So much science involved in the art of clay and colours!
Finished crosses redish and greenish glaze
I have been digging in the garden all day today after Gareth helped Joshua and I pick up about 100KG of manure I had set aside after the sale the other day. It is beautiful and sunny and I love some good, hard physical labour, especially when the resulting garden will provide so much future joy. It is hard-work however so I am having a much needed coffee and halva break. Too nice of a day to eat inside so I'm going back out. Aurevoir!


  1. wow these turned out beautifully. i love the green glaze with the leaves.

    just lovely!

  2. Thanks so much rhya, it is lovely to see the end product of something you have been working on.


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