Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vancouver Vancouver

1. backyard
2. cherry-blossom-double
3. red-and-green
4. city-flowers-mountains
5. city-with-trees
6. vancouver-picture 2
Some snaps from riding around the city today on my bicycle. I am so grateful bikes were invented! Brilliant contraptions!
1. A close comparitive in loveliness with snowflakes are the falling petals of white blossoms in our yard
2. Streets lined with blossoms
3. Bright pink leaves and our street now (which was grey and bare when we moved in...)
4. & 5. Don't the majestic mountains make a striking backdrop for the city?!
6. My bicycle posing in front of a painting of Vancouver


  1. Just beautiful! It must be so lovely seeing all the life come out after such a cold winter.

  2. stunning! can't wait to see it in the flesh.

  3. Two things:
    Your pictures are lovely!
    I love my bike too!

  4. Yours is possibly the prettiest blog on the internet. Your photos are magical.

  5. Too kind Ming Dao, but it is honestly really magical riding my bike down these streets.

    Thanks Jaime, I can't imagine how I coped before I was given this trusty steed of a bike.

    Catherine, eeeeeh, see you soon! Kirsty, love you to the moon and back baby sister.

  6. Sharolyn, thanks for stoppin by my blog and commented on it. I will be making more coffee filters soon. I posted photos today to show you what you need in order to use that linen filter.

    Your cherry flower is pretty. It makes me want to do some drawing !
    Enjoy your weekend and how is living in Canada? What do you like over there?

  7. Hi Coco, I was so happy to find your blog. Thankyou for the photos of such a pleasant little ritual. We are enjoying Canada because it is such a big change from Australia. Perhaps no where near as big a change as moving to Japan, but still lots is new. It is very beautiful here and we enjoyed the snow in wintertime which we NEVER get in Brisbane, Australia. I also love the spring flowers we don't have so much back home. I will send you some more in a letter perhaps, I would love to hear all about Japan!


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