Thursday, March 31, 2011

A glorious day

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A glorious sunny day in Vancouver today so 1 I rode to Greens on my new (pre-loved) bike which Jeremy gave me yesterday in shorts, shoes and a my favourite cardigan grandma knitted... 2 through the streets filled with cherry-blossoms... 3 thinking about where to get a cute basket... 4 to put the cream and milk* I bought to go into... 5 the cups of breshly brewed coffee we drank over breakfast... 6 following which I picked dafodils from the garden... 7 and then received these great bear stamps in the mail.

What a pleasant day. I hope we have more sunshine for snow-boarding tomorrow!

*Over here lots of people drink cream in their coffee or 'half and half' which I guess is like a lighter fat cream. I figure if you're going to have cream just have the real thing so we have been drinking coffee with a splosh of whipping cream. There is a great brand here called Avalon which is from a local dairy, organic, nothing added and comes in glass bottles which you get $1 for when you return.

It is illegal to sell raw milk here (which would be my preference if I could buy it) and the only way to get around that is to buy 'cow shares' or make friends with a dairy farmer who may just 'give' you some raw milk in exchange for another gift. I may look further into these options but am enjoying Avalon cream and un-homogenised milk for now.

I could go on about milk and cream as it's something I'm passionate about (yes I know it sounds a little ridiculous but it's certainly not my main passion) but i'll leave it there and if anyone else shares my 'passion' we can talk more later.

PS This collage was inspired by Anna Bond who has a gorgeous stationery line Rifle Paper Co. I have seen variations done by many designers so I know mine is a little tacky in comparisome but this is the first time I've attempted something like this and hopefully it can only get better.


  1. Oh, I love those bear stamps! And I just bought some daffodils yesterday. They're already opening up!

    I read your profile and discovered that you like The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series too. It's one of my favourites! The newest in the series was just released. Can't wait to get it from the library.

  2. Love the collage and the drawing of your bike :)

  3. Jaime, thanks so much for reminding me about the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, I think I may still be one or two books behind before I read the new one. The characters are so loveable. And great to hear you use your local library too.

    Thanks Huong!


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