Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding catch up

Mim and Fred signMiriam and Fred were married in November last year at their home on 'Froggy Farm' up in the sunny coast hinterland. I went to primary school with Mim (and proaby hadn't seen her for 10 years or so!!) so it was wonderful to catch up with all of her family and friends again and meet Fred too. It's amazing how much and yet how little changes as we grow up. I do enjoy relating to grown-ups now like Mim's parents as a pretty-much-grown-up myself. I posted these pictures back in November but it was a busy time and I never got around to posting more. I have been looking through the pictures again recently and some of them need sharing! (The last few black and white ones which were taken in the (very) dark were done so by adjusting the ISO levels on my camera to compensate for the darkness. This is often frowned upon but you may like to read Why I like High ISO here.)

I also still plan to post more pictures of when my beautiful friend Catie was married in December, but those pictures are safe and sound on mum and dad's computer in Australia. Hopefully they will arrive here in June when my dear friends Catherine and Lisa come to visit. Woohooo! Also very much looking forward to being hosts to Andrew and Izac chatterton in May too. Spaces in the Newington Nook Bed and Breakfast are filling up quickly, so if you were thinking of coming to visit, Vancouver really is the place to be this spring (summer, fall AND winter...) so call to make a booking or email me today about our exclusive deals on offer for friends and family (wink wink nudge nudge).
 Mim doing hair
Mim and Fred BW
Mim and Nan
Kara Cara
Froggy farm Shiraz
Ladies in the kitchen
Freds parents
Sandy night time


  1. wow, Mim hasn't changed a bit but yet so grown up! Funny how that happens....
    beautiful pics Show x

  2. What absolutely beautiful pictures! You have a real eye!!!

  3. oh, weddings are so much fun! everything looks so beautiful.

  4. You've really captured some precious moments. I don't know the couple yet I find I can appreciate these pictures too.

  5. Thanks ladies. It's always such a privilege to share someones day with them. In this case I didn't know half the people but felt like we were great friends by the end of it! I really appreciate the encouragement xo

  6. Thanks so much Celine, I love your work!

  7. these are such great wedding photos!
    you commented a little while ago on some crocheted eggs a friend made for me that i posted on my blog. you asked if they're available for purchase. just wanted to give you a heads up that i'll be posting some for sale at plpurrs.blogspot.com (as part of a fundraiser for my cat's recent surgery). my friend made a dozen eggs and a 6-pack. i'll also be offering them as individual eggs. she also crocheted three peas in a pod. i'll probably post them on wednesday. but feel free to email me in advance of that if you want to buy them! was going to post them as $75 for a 6-pack, $150 for a dozen or $15 for open-able individual eggs, $12 for closed eggs. cheers! shash (kshooshy@gmail.com)

  8. Thanks for letting me know Kerstin


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