Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flowers for the table

This morning I bought this beautiful bunch of flowers at the Farmers Market. This is just how I love flowers to be, a collection of pretty stems bunched together fairly randomly. No need to worry about symmetry, or wire or any of the fuss that goes into so many of the fancy arrangements sold in florists. They're grown locally and they probably cost me a 1/10 of the price.

Later this afternoon I went along for a 3 hour shift to shovel horse manure at a fund-raising sale for some local not-for-profit organisations. They were so overwhelmed with volunteers that I hardly shovelled any poo except for the bag I bought for my new garden plot. Yes, I came away from today with a garden plot to my name in a community garden run through our church community here. I am so excited to have some soil of my own to dig in. There is already some thyme, oregano and sage growing which survived the winter. So excited about seeing it full of good eating things in the summer. Enjoyed the afternoon meeting people and chatting even if I was absolutley no use practically. Thanks Adam for your help digging!


  1. Dear Sharolyn. You take the most lovely pictures - I'm sure yours is one of the most beautiful interiors (mine constantly looks like a bomb site).

    The flowers look beautiful - they look like the promise of springs!

  2. Ha Ha, thanks so much Miss Moi. I'm sure you're too hard on yourself. The house may look lovely but we can't take any credit - we are sub-letting a house full of furniture and pretty things while some friends are overseas. We actually sold most of our worldly positions before moving here and have yet to aquire any of our own. Our next place when we move soon will be quite empty to begin with and I am hoping I left my hoarding tendencies in Australia and can aquire only the essentials as we need them here.

  3. sounds like a lovely day....I'm impressed you were able to shovel manure for 3 hours! :)


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