Monday, January 31, 2011

A rainy, grey market day.

Market people
market yellow umbrella
Lady with red beret wider strip 625
Market pumpkin
Dog with cape
Market boy hiding
Market mushroom blue
Market garlic shoots
More people
Market mushrooms
Market dog friends
Market apple cider
Market pancake man
Market pancakes
Market anchor scarf
Market chatting
So glad I went inspite of the rain. A winter farmers market.


  1. I so need to take my camera to the Kelvin Grove markets but I am usally head down to get what I need to get. These look like amazing markets and I am sure you are discovering some great things

  2. What a wonderful market & I hope there is some sunshine mixed in with all the rain.

  3. I honestly enjoyed looking through these photos. The composition and colors are wonderful. It makes me want to visit the farmers market near my house. Hope you're well!


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