Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet our friend Zorro

snowing 625
Snow boots
Zorro the raccoon came and shyly introduced herself a week or two and we know she's been back since because after the snow on Tuesday night(real snow falling here) we found her footprints. (Aren't Josh's blue eyes stunning!) I was sorry I couldn't take more snow photos but my camera battery was on it's last legs. (I have since bought an adaptor for plugging in our Australian things.) Snow is wonderful and soft. Looking up into it at night it looked a bit like the angels had ripped open a giant feather pillow and they were tumbling down so gently.

The blue gumboots I bought at a thrift store along with dry stockings the day after the snow because it was so slushy that it didn't take long for my leather boots and socks to soak right through. 2nd day snow is still fun but turns from soft to hard and icy.
red wagon light
red wagon people
The light and people at table are from a cafe called the Red Wagon which I love. It's 50's diner style with bottomless, organic, fair-trade drip cofee. It's our Grub St in East Van.
branch 625
wooden table
happy old men
Branch from a walk, lovely wooden table, friendly table of old men
Berries and crushed almonds
Berries and ricotta
honey doughnut
Raspberries and crushed almonds, raspberry, ricotta and brown sugar and lastly a favourite of mine. One good thing about these sticky things is that it's a fair walk to get there. Yesterday I took an especially long and beautiful way there, finding some new pathways through the woods. That might have helped me justify having a second...

Two things I didn't photograph but stopped to enjoy - a wood-pecker whose tapping caught my attention. What a strange piece of creation. And a very small grey squirrel making squeaking sounds like an old 90's computer game. I think he was trying to impress a much bigger, grey, lady squirrel.


  1. You take beautiful photos :) Can you get one of the squirrel? I love them :D

  2. Wow...wow...jut had a brief skim of your blog. Love it...I will return!

  3. Kaela, thanks for the challenge, I'll get some squirrel pictures... whatever it takes!


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