Friday, January 21, 2011


snow footprints double
snow misc double
snow stump double
snow playground double 625
snow swing
Yesterday morning we slept in. I was sure I'd heard it raining all night so was very pleasantly suprised when I raised the blinds to see that it was white outside. I'm glad the weatherman didn't predict it. It was like a little gift from God now I think about it. I jumped about excitedly like a silly idiot. Today it is raining again.


  1. Oh it's just beautiful! I'm glad you got out in it to take some photos to share.

  2. What a lovely surprise! And I absolutely love the first image in the third diptych! Beautiful :)

  3. Cass, it was actually a big tricky photographing in the snow as I was carrying an umbrella to keep my camera dry. Here in Vancouver the snow is very brief and it was all washed away by rain the next day.

    Thanks for the feedback Huong. Sometimes pictures are a lovely suprise. The faint red blur is a traffic light down the road.

  4. Love the snow "shadows" under the playground equipment. Wish I could take my video camera into such beautiful environments.


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