Friday, January 7, 2011

Our first falling snow

woohoo it's snowing 625
Ok, so I used some very mediocre manipulation, but that's only because it was such a light snowfall that no one would believe me otherwise. I promise you it was real and that's why I was jumping for joy.

We have also seen some snow (on the ground mind you) on a bigger scale when we went snow boarding, but this snow was special because it chose to fall on us on "our" first day of College. I say our because they specifically invited family to attend the orientation but it is really for the course that Joshua is about to undertake.

Warning: long paragraphs coming up. Summary at the bottom of the page if you're feeling lazy and want to scroll down.

It was so encouraging hearing from the president and various other faculty about the beginning of the college 40 years ago, about their mission and philosophy and other interesting bits and pieces. Out of everyone I'm pretty sure I took the most notes and asked questions and I'm not even studying. That was the torture of it really. It made me want to study, and I never thought I'd go back there again. Anyhow, I will get my man through the next few years, and we'll see what I can squeeze in as well - they run some night subjects and summer courses too.

Prior to leaving Australia a number of people asked us "Why do you have to go to Canada for it?" and "What is so special about Regent?" I wasn't totally sure how to answer these questions but Josh and I were both really excited to come to Regent - it seemed right. Now I know the answer. And I'm sure it's the right place for Josh to study (and possibly even me - they have such amazing arts programs)!

In my own words some notes on Regent and why it's amazing:

First a little on the Brethren. To be honest if I'd heard anything about these guys in the past, (please, no offence intented at all) then all I imagined were old-fashioned Christian people whose men drove horse buggies with long beards and women wore long dresses and scarves. I don't know if there is some truth in that or if I am confusing them with the Amish but that was all I 'knew' or perhaps didn't know. What I learnt this week however was that the Brethren church movement began in the 1820's in Ireland with a group of believers who felt that ministry should apply to all believers, not just the ordained person standing at the front of the church. So they started the brethren church - a group of believers who were all brothers I suppose and respected the role each person had (in whatever sphere of life) as 'ordained' by God. That's my take anyhow. And I like that idea a lot.

In the 1960's a guy belonging to the Brethren church here in Vancouver recognized within the church a general emphasis on spirituality, piety (prayerful, worshipful, generally devoted to God kind of actions), but at the same time an anti-intellectualism. I guess some of this exists even today - people feel academia is a threat to 'faith' which is more abstract. But they go together brilliantly. Josh shared along these lined in his last sermon at Cornerstone before we left (which was another thing which made me think this is all coming together so well)- it's important to have an informed faith - to know what we believe and why we believe it.

Anyway, back to this 1960's guy who may or may not have had a beard, he thought to himself "Hmmmm, could we start a theological institution that took both piety and intellect seriously?" Turns out this guy met up with a bunch of other like minded thinkers and they started Regent College in the late 60's. Unlike many theological colleges which train people to be ministers of specific churches, Regent prepare people for 'ministry' (what does that even mean - I'm going to assume it means living out your Christian faith - striving to be more like Jesus and to worship God with practical intention and action) in ALL of life. Oh and they're transdenomination so you don't have to be a bearded Brethren :)

Yikes, anyone still reading. Anyhow I enjoyed learning all about this.

Summary: The Brethren have some cool ideas. Regent is an amazing college and if Josh wasn't brilliant enough already he is going to be super brainy and super good-looking and a super kind guy when he's done. Maybe that is enough words in one stretch for the moment. I'm usually the picture girl not the word girl.

Love Sharolyn


  1. Oh Sharolyn you make it sound all so wonderful I wish I was there to do all these new things too. I am super duper happy that you and Josh seem to have settled well and enjoying all there is on offer. Much Love.

  2. Cool info on the brethren. Now your blog is both visually and intellectually stimulating! Keep it coming :)

    I also took the liberty to add a bit more snow to your picture :p

  3. Thanks Cass. And Ming, appreciate your thoughts to. Be carful though or you wont be able to keep me quiet. :P Thanks for the extra snow too - hopefully soon that will be a reality.


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