Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love the woods

Josh and Showie in woods
Yesterday we walked through the woods on the way to Deep Cove. We sat in Honies Cafe with a coffee and a fresh, fat, doughy on the inside and crispy, crunchy, honey outside doughnut. I drew, Josh read.sketching in honies
sketching in honies close up
camera sketch


  1. oh wow I looked at that pic of you and josh for AGES before I realised they were actually 2 separate photos. Brilliant! Looks like chilly weather. How are you settling in poppet? Any resume dropping yet? xx

  2. Love the drawing had thoughts of doing that myself.

  3. Great Pic's Sharolyn - Love the Jacket!

  4. Thanks Catherine and Sandy, Josh actually got really confused looking at those 2 woods pictures too. Isn't the hood great Cass?! It's made in Vancouver by a local designer with organic wool and lining, I was so chufffed when I found it on sale. xo

  5. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous drawings.


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