Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picking flowers

I love flowers.
I love to have fresh flowers in our home.
when I can't justify buying them I pick them discreetly
from places where they wont be missed;
from fields of weeds, back alley ways,
plants overhanging walkways or even my own yard.
 advantages of picking flowers:
  • they are pretty
  • they brighten the house up
  • they bring the outdoors in
disadvantages of picking flowers:
  • if you don't get them home soon enough
    and straight into water they can suffer dehydrationi
  • if you put them in the saddle bag of your bike they may come out a little bruised
  • flowers last for a shorter time in a vase
    than if they had been left growing where they were...
which led me to thinking about why I pick flowers.
is it really just to make the house look pretty?
well I certainly think that's an aspect, but could there be another lesson here?
I wonder if it is connected to that same feeling I have
when I see (for example) a cute tea cup and want to buy it and bring it home.
sometimes (frequently) it doesn't seem to be enough to appreciate
something beautiful in someone elses home,
in a cafe, in a shop window.
I already have enough tea cups,
especially since I can only ever drink from one at a time,
and yet, I want to buy that pretty teacup.
I think this is coveting.
and I know for certain that coveting is not good,
 so I find myself in a bit of a pickle.
when we moved to Canada we sold/gave away/threw out/stored
all of our earthly possessions.
we came here with little more than clothes
and I am afraid to admit that our little house is starting to burst at the seams
already with stuff.
I seem to have fallen back into the trap
that seems so normal.
advantages of appreciating flowers where they grow:
  • they last longer
  • more people can see and appreciate them
  • a good excuse to go for a walk

    now perhaps flowers aren't the best example of consumerism
    but I hope you might be learning something reading this as I did writing it.

    as flowers in vases never last too long,
    thankfully they will never overtake my house and fill it up,
    (though how glorious to be over-run with flowers!).
    when they die I recycle them straight back into the compost
    and then ponder where I can find more...
my natural inclination towards seeing,
coveting and aquiring though
is something I am aware of and want to work against.

how can I surround myself with pretty things
but still exercise restraint
when it comes to aquiring, consuming, hoarding things?
what practical things can I do to appreciate beauty
without desiring or feeling the need to own it for myself?
how can I learn be content with what I already have?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

the flower fairy,


  1. I love these thoughts. They are so true. I look around my house and shudder a bit at the thought of how much "stuff" we have.
    I too like to collect "pretty things" and fill my house with knick knacks and decorations. But to answer your questions is a hard thing.
    I suppose to be able to surround yourself with pretty things but still exercise restraint without acquiring them, and being able to appreciate beauty without desiring it, you can use your photography.
    Your photos are perfect for being able to appreciate beauty and surround yourself with pretty things. I love to come to your blog to look at your beautiful photos and appreciate them. maybe you could print more of your photos to display at home? I know its not the same thing, but at least knowing that you took them yourself means that you know you did once see them in real life and you can appreciate their beauty for longer?
    Maybe you could create a beauty wall- where you display your photos, or even think of creative ways to put them in your house?
    In terms of the consuming of everything else in life though, I'm lost as how to combat my hoarding! I try to live by the motto that if you forget its even there then you don't need it anymore (so it should be given away or thrown out). But I do find myself falling into the same traps over and over.
    But we can do it Shaz! If you find any other good ideas, I'd love to hear them.Thanks for your gorgeous posts always, I eagerly await each new one! xx

  2. Thanks for your thoughts beautiful lady, I will ready through them again and ponder them some more. Love.

  3. What a peaceful, joyful time I've had hearing your thoughts and seeing little bursts of colour. I too love brining fresh flowers inside!

    I can relate a little as 1 month ago my husband and I sold/gave/donated/stored all we collected together and moved here to France for 2 years (and beyond, perhaps). We are both artists, hoarders, collectors of antiquarian/oddball/crafty things and it was a bit disorientating now living in a home so spare!

    "It is a blank canvas" my husband says - and that's true, we've been filling it with ourselves... fresh flowers from our garden, poems on the walls, postcards from trips in the city, dreams of the future, memories...

    I think on a verse in Philippians (4:8) that says "whatever things are true, whatever things are noble... whatever things are lovely... let your mind dwell on these things" - I love that idea of being mindful - dwelling on beauty around us - and it doesn't need to come at a price or become an object collecting dust.

    blessings, emily

  4. thankyou for your encouragement and kind words, an excellent verse indeed to dwell on!


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