Thursday, June 9, 2011


Brew A-Mug
coffe compesite 625

  • Brew-A-Mug - a find at our local higgeldy piggeldy thrift store. I'd been on the look out a few days and walked in to find this waiting for me. I love the original box.
  • Beautiful handmade linen filter - a generous and thoughtful gift from CoCo, all the way from Japan. To be reused many times over, a great alternative to throw-away filter papers.
  • Coffee - haven't been able to catch my usual coffee lady Laurie at the markets so this is from Ten Thousand Villages.
  • Mug - handbuilt at JustPotters
And remember to check out my posts over at the JustPotters blog. It's getting close to our big fundraiser so I've been busy over there and in the studio.


  1. Yum! A single cup of coffee.
    Not sure how else to get in touch with you - I just answered a question you posted on my blog about -Life International futons and am not sure if you receive follow-up posts. My apologies for taking so long to get back with you.
    Melinda (Opining Opossum)

  2. So cool!!! love the are so talented! Also your last post about the flowers and coveting was so interesting and must be part philosopher!
    all the best! rhya

  3. glad to see you enjoying reusable filter.
    If you soak in the water with tea spoon full of baking soda, it gets clean very well. that is how I am doing over and over.
    Enjoy your day


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