Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thoughts on stuff

We are moving overseas in 3 weeks. Exciting.
In preparation yesterday we had a big garage sale.
I'm still a little shaken and traumatised.
Thinking about it now I even feel sick inside (or was that something I ate?).
I've been saving and hoarding all kind of things for 24 years - partly because I'm a hoarder, it's in my genes, but I think it also comes out of a desire not to waste things. To re-use rather than throw-away. A desire to be frugal and resourceful.
I'm excited about this opportunity to clean my life of stuff but shocked by how much I actually have/had.
We sold some stuff.
But the garage is still chockas with things. Nothing particularly valuable. Just things.
The saga to clean our lives of stuff continues.
I'm over my things and ready to move on. It's all just stuff anyway.
I hope in Vancouver, Canada I really do learn from this to live simply with very little stuff and more time for people.
I hope that we are more available to be used by God because we have less stuff.

Thankyou to my gorgeous sister, beautiful friend, amazing mum, dad and husband for helping me in my erratic state. Thanks for doing dirty jobs like cleaning fridges and showers and taking signs down off poles and for letting me put just a little rum in my cordial at 8am. I love you.

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  1. I'm so proud of you Showie. You coped so very well yesterday. May this be a fantastic time of learnign all about storing your treasures in heaven. Love you loads xx


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