Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's strawberry season

first strawberries of the season 625
Have not long ago arrived back from exploring the Rocky mountains with Lisa and Catherine so it's taking some time to trawl through the photos but do expect to see some very soon. In the meantime here are some strawberries I drew on our camping trip as we relaxed one afternoon in a little camp ground in Enderby not far outside Kelowna with a glass of crisp, local, pear cider to match. These are my first berries of the season, purchased from the Revelstoke farmers market on the way through. There have been berries in the shops for... well actually, non-stop since we arrived but they are all from South America and California. As this area is perfect for berry growing (IN THE PROPER SEASON) I have been trying to hold out. These strawberries were a true reward and I have been finding more in the shops ever since. Really looking forward to picking our very own blackberries which are growing down the side of the garage - we hear August is the month!

On the topic of eating locally I have found two books particularly useful. My darling mother gave me Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to read on the plane trip over here which was excellent and I have since read the 100 Mile Diet written by Vancouverites so particularly pertinent (though I must say not quite as thorough or enjoyable as the aforementioned in my humble opinion - it's all the rage here though).


  1. Awesome strawberries! All I did in BC was pick berries, eat berries and bake berries into pies! Delicious.

  2. Love the drawing/watercolour. It is funny you are getting strawberries in Summer where here they are a winter staple

  3. Yes it is strange indeed Sandy. We are onto raspberries here now which I can't get enough of. They were always so expensive at home.

    Can't wait to bake a pie Rhya, sounds like your time was well spent!


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