Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

While all our Australian family and friends are well into the first of January we're still enjoying 2010 here in the land of bears, mooses and squirrels. We're sending it off in style with cheese fondu and mulled wine while we play 'Rock Band' on playstation. I'm not too proud to boast that I scored 97% singing a Killers song!

I want to get back in and join the fun so I'll try and do this quickly. I've briefly gone through all the photos I've taken this year - all 33395 of them(!!!), and have chosen one for each month of the year. (Impossible task!) So much has happened this year. So many wonderful things, a few sad and difficult things, but overwhelmingly Josh and I feel like we're abundantly blessed and forever grateful. Here are 12 pictures of the year. Thankyou for sharing it with us. They are but a (tiny, random) glimpse.

January: summer skies in Brisbane
2010 January
February: kitchen table come screen printing lab
2010 Feb screen printing
March: church working bee. Painting the toilets.
2010 March working bee
April: Mr Newington's beard is starting to get serious
2010 April Josh beard
May: Chris and Charlie get hitched
2010 May Charlie and Chris Blue
June: kitchen table
2010 June birthday table
July: one of the locals
2010 July Kookaburra
August: the photographer and her man on holidays in Bangalow
2010 July Showie Bangalow
September: tea party with cute 4 year-old twins Reuben and Katie
2010 September picnic with Katie and Reuben
October: I fell in love with these fellas
2010 October kangaroos
November: packing up our lives
2010 November jars
December: Enjoying our newphews
2010 December Lachlan and Jo

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  1. What a fabulous lookback at the year and some brillant photo's to boot


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