Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keeping warm

Yesterday Josh and I went in to town early (in the dark at 7.15am) with Teresa. This is what I wore to keep warm, all 5 layers. Purple Gap soccer socks, Australian flag singlet and all.
What I'm wearing 625
I like the cool sting of the wind on my cheeks and I was mostly warm until the afternoon when the cool soaked into my toes and fingers. It's cold all day here too. It doesn't really warm up. The rain makes it damp all of the time but it's soft a lot of the time and you don't necessarily need an umbrella. (Please note I'm not complaining about the weather - I like it, just telling it how it is :). It doesn't look like we are getting snow here anytime soon after all but that's ok, we'll just have to go up the mountains to it. Staying inside in my pj's with S & R today. Snuggly inside.(Funny how drawings always get squished to the right).
*Was looking at this picture today (Wednesday) and thinking I must have had cold legs. Then I remembered I also wore jeans!*


  1. I love your outfit and wonderful illustration! I wish I could draw like that :)

  2. I was thinking cold legs also! Good to see your soccer socks are still coming in handy. Sending warm love your way xx


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