Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bircher Muesli

mango cut up
My mum makes a delicous bircher muesli which inspired me to make this one in our last few days at Orchid St. It's a summer version of porridge and you can really add whatever you like. I used mangoes here - I think it's worth buying them just for their air freshening qualities. Such a de-licious kitchen smell to come home to!
*1/2 cup oats per person - soaked overnight beforehand (this sight has some easy to read articles about the great health benefits of soaking too)
*grated apple
*yoghurt (I prefer natural sweetened with a little raw honey)
*chopped hazelnuts or almonds for sprinkling on top
Pile it all on top of the oats and enjoy!
For other inspiring visual breakfasts have a look at Jen Causeys mouth watering pictures or Natalies amazing recipe blog Tea For Six.
josh breakfast

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