Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Varty's Street
Fairway Dr cropMossy roof crop
Marc & Teresa house sign crop
Smoke chimney
Plant crop
squirrel in trea crop
This suburb is called Deep Cove and is right at the base of snow capped mountains, not far from the harbour(cove I guess). Alongside the usual suburban characters there are delightful excesses of moss, red berries and squirrels. Deep Cove is also (in)famous for it's honey doughnuts. The greyness makes the red berries and green moss all the richer and I can't help but think of the 'bad colour' from M. Night Shyamalan's the Village. Jeremy also told us J-Lo has a house here so I'm hoping to bump into her.
squirrel crop
red berry
Woods crop
dripping moss 625
Honey doughnuts
Deep cove 1 crop
deep cove 2 crop
We've spent a few days this week riding into town with Teresa and exploring the city on foot. We've done Main St, Broadway, Commercial & Hastings and various back streets together. Josh has done more on his own.
beefy noodles
paper shop crop
urban source crop
steet with trees
red berry street
bird house crop
golden decoration


  1. This looks so great Sharolyn - look forward to hearing about your journey over the next few years

  2. nice panoramics! beefy beef noodle, cracked me up!


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