Wednesday, August 25, 2010


After voting on Saturday I was feeling a bit down so we went for a coffee at Blackstar and sat (Josh in the shade and me in the sun - I can't get enough of the winter sun) and read and drew. We sat for sometime. Sitting and soaking it all up. It was lovely. Something I have long been meaning to do!

sunlight and drawings 071 small

These are pictures from my garden this month. I'm sure I have said this before but gardening is such a joy. I really neglect the yard most of the time but it continues to grow and yield beautiful things.

Tumeric 019 small
Jasmine 011 small
Tumeric 028 small
sunlight and drawings 026 smallTumeric 024 small
Jasmine 017 small
sunlight and drawings 050 small
sunlight and drawings 045 small
Freshly dug turmeric root, jasmine, lime blossoms, nasturtiums, tomatoes, beans and feverfew.

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