Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cherry blossom picker

Near our old unit in Red Hill there is a cherry/apricot (or perhaps some other) beautiful blossoming tree which used to flower about this time every year. I have seen blossoms in other gardens so knew it was time. On my way home today I detoured especially past the bush but alas there were no flowers. I hope my years of picking haven't killed it. Or maybe it's late blooming this year, lets hope that's all. I remembered a new tree I had found last year in Alderley and retraced my steps to find it's glorious bows overflowing with pink.
Cherry blossom 030
Cherry blossom 025
Cherry blossom 023
Cherry blossom 021
Cherry blossom 004
After sweeping the floor and olive oiling the table this morning while my bread was baking the house just needed some fresh flowers and these are perfect. The other great spot I have for picking cherry blossoms is in Holland Park, which I came across quite by accident when losing my way there. Next time I'm over on the southside I will visit that old favourite spot of mine.

Important note: I only pick these flowers from trees in public parks/areas and I only pick sparingly and kindly so that the trees remain healthy and beautiful for all future generations of cherry blossom pickers and appreciators. Last photo is of our old unit in Diamond Vil. So cosy!
cherry blossom at diamond vil

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