Saturday, June 26, 2010

Practice, practice, practice

Sketching is something I want to do more of. This blog particularly inspires me to sketch anything and everything. I've been meaning for a long time to sit in a cofee shop and sketch so that is something I will do now I am on school holidays - WOOOHOO! Here are some recent home doodles. First one of each was done without looking at page.
jug sketch625
joshua sketch625


  1. I love these drawings! One of my favorite things to do is draw things without lifting the pen. Very fun results and forces you to be a little more abstract. Kind of similar to not looking at the paper. Nice!

  2. Love it! I can't wait till I have time and brain-space to pick up my pens/paintbrushes again.

  3. Ahhh I recognise that jar/pot!! Loving looking through your blog its been a while!! Please keep it up after your move as I will be even more desperate to know what's going on in your photographic world.


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