Friday, August 13, 2010

This is what my mum does for kicks...

She organises a 12 hour(!) crafting marathon with her crafty friends. She bakes delicious sweets full of sugar and butter (she has recently lost 20kg by avoiding these and I ask if she feels guilty fattening all of us up - "no" she replies, it's our choice and they're a much loved sweet treat. She takes 2 carloads of stamps and other paraphenalia to set up a spare room at the church. She arranges little handmade gifts for everyone, prizes throughout the day, challenges, and offers all of her things for everyone to share and use. She is so busy getting meals ready for break times, demonstrating techniques and helping others that she only manages to make 2 cards through-out the day. But she loves it. And I love her. She is so hospitable. She is so generous with her time and resources. My mum Jenny also "goes to prison" every Thursday to make cards with the women there. Isn't she gorgeous?! Here are some of what I made:


  1. I didn't know your mum did all of that. Very inspiring!

  2. Wow, this is awesome. I love the atlas envelope. I'm going to try that!

  3. She is inspiring Nat. Monique, thankyou! I made a simple template by unfolding a plain envelope I liked the shape of and tracing it onto cardboard. I'd love to see if you do make some, enjoy!


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