Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A new project I have been working on

Remember the crosses I have been making in the pottery studio every Wednesday over the last few months? Part 1, Part 2. Well, Leigh, the lovely lady who co-ordinates JustPotters asked if I would like to help them update their blog (whose most recent post previously was in 2009...). I was glad to have a little project to work on so I would love you to have a look at the fruits of my labour.  The key reason for getting the blog up-to-date is to promote the lead up to a big 24-hour fundraiser coming up. JustPotters runs as a social enterprise to provide employment to people with barriers. All money raised will allow this great project to continue to provide meaningful work for local people.

What I love about this idea is that it is so local and practical. There are so many good causes worldwide and many not-for-profit organisations doing wonderful work, but many of them are so far removed from our life that we have little personal connection. What I love about JustWork is that it they operate in my current backyard - Vancouver. I have had the privelidge of getting to know 5 women who receive employment because of this project and I can attest to the power of this work in their lives.

More personally still, I can attest to the benefit that JustPotters has given me. As a new person to this city, with no friends, no job but with lots of time on my hands I started visiting the pottery studio on Wednesdays to see if I could help. While I was volunteering my time I actually became the recipient of so much more than I gave and I have seen first-hand the outworking of the values JustWork and JustPotters seek to espouse:

empowerment, interdependence, stewardship, transformation

  • I have felt the empowerment of doing something meaningful with my time, of learning new pottery skills and making something with my own two hands.
  • I have enjoyed the sense of community, the laughs, shared meals and the friendships I have made.
  • I have learnt to appreciate resources and to work hard so that the 11am tea break comes by sooner :) and
  • I have felt the transformative power of being involved in something bigger than myself. I am learning more and more the value of every individual, every story and every life. I am seeing God at work in the everyday aspects of peoples lives.
If you are interested there are a few ways you can help...
  1. Donate safely online through Canada Helps on my giving page. I am aiming to raise $240 by having at least 10 people donate $1 per hour for the event (ie $24 total per person - but every dollar helps)
  2. If this concept excites you, you also can become a connector and invite friends to sponsor you. Prizes involved for connectors...
  3. If you're in Vancouver come along to the festivities 18-19th June, join in the celebrations, purchase beautiful pottery and maybe even have a go throwing on the wheel which will be going for 24 hours straight! This fundraiser is running in connection with Car-Free Day when Commercial Drive is blocked off and the whole street celebrates. It will be a lot of fun.
  4. Spread the news through passing on the details for the JustPotters blog and like us on facebook for updates and more ways you can get involved (you don't have to be local to be a part of this).
  5. All of the above!
Thanks friends!


  1. So excited that I can be there to participate. Will be nice to see what you've been up to and maybe take home so of those beautiful crosses...

  2. Yes I am so glad you will be here for this too! Don't pack your bags too full.

  3. Sharolyn, I just copied that image to post on my blog. Hope that is OK. (David said it probably was.)

  4. Absolutely Sarah! Spread the word!


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