Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Iced Vovos

iced vovo compilation with packet
I couldn't help but think of Iced Vovos (A sweet biscuit - cookie, made by Australian brand Arnott's).
The cherry blossoms are finishishing their glorious season.
The soft pink petals blown by the wind like wedding confetti.
The streets are carpeted pink like they are purple in Brisbane's Jacaranda season.
I don't suppose the owners of cars like this one think it's all that cute.
Especially when they turn slushy after todays rain.
But I'm enjoying their last hurrah!
2 iced vovo images from here and here.


  1. oh beeeeeautiful! love love love. i can't wait to get out to Vancity! you are so lucky to be living there. One of my most favourite places...june can't come quick enough!

    Also, are these biscuits anything like Tim Tams? which i am bananas about?

  2. You are right just like Jacaranda's but pink

  3. Hi Gorgeous. Love the iced Vo Vos and I also like this header best so far.Keep experimenting.Love you lots,

  4. Love you Mummy Jenny! Thanks for your comments Sandy and Julie!

  5. Rhys, these are much different to tim tams - completely chocolate free. I think it's the pinkness that makes them every little girls dream :)

  6. Oops I mean Rhya, silly auto correct


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