Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers in my garden

It is almost Summer here officially. Time has once again gotten away on me (though I'm really not sure if I know anyone who has conquered it fully...) so here are just a few photos of the last few weeks. The top two pictures were taken on a Sunday picnic walk during a 2 week stretch of glorious sunshine. It was blissful! Unfortunately this sunny weather ended just before Chris and Charles arrived for a visit. At least Vancouver is beautiful even in the gloom. walk-beside-the-lake
Charles,-Chris,-Joshua baby-pear flower-vine
Oh and it poured rain for one final goodbye as Josh drove his parents to the bus station early on the 8th, but it did fine up enough for a picnic on the back lawn for my birthday evening. Oh Vancouver. City of rain. I like you when you're dark and wet, but you're just exquisite when you let the sun shine through!


  1. Hey Sharolyn!
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I hope your keeping well - can't wait to hear the happy news of your bubs arrival.

    Here is a bit of a list of some books I found really helpful on the journey of birthing, early days with bubs and beyond!
    There are a few good books on birth: Hypnobirthing: the Mongan Method by Marie Mongan. If you can do the course that accompanies the book it is well worth it! I highly recommend this book! Also an interesting read with nice prayers etc...is Supernatural Childbirth (a Christian book) by Jackie Mize. Also Breastfeeding Naturally by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (so helpful - I read it before having Noah and have reread many times, its very helpful!). Sleep Tight, Sleep Right is a good one after the first few months when your trying to get bubs into some kind of routine with sleeping. I found it really helpful as both my boys we not "naturally" great sleepers/feeders due to severe reflux and this helped Dan and I have bit more of an idea :))
    Parenting books - anything by Sally Clarkson is fantastic - The Ministry of Motherhood, and The Mission of Motherhood both beautiful books. Also if your thinking of homeschooling at all (early days I know!) Educating the Wholehearted Child, by Clay Clarkson is fantastic!

    For some creative mama inspiration, the book - The Creative Family by Amanda Blake-Soule (from soulemama blog) is one of my favorites and a really beautiful book! I'm sure you would love it!

    Hope this helps and can't wait to hear how the next three months goes and your little bub will be here! Praise to God!
    Lots of love, Martine

  2. These photos are amazing!!
    And I didn't know you were expecting!
    I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY THRILLED FOR YOU. I second the book list by Martine. Very good stuff there.

  3. Thanks Martine and Lauren. Appreciate your help and encouragement lovely ladies!

  4. I feel like Im looking at myself when I look at you in this picture Sharolyn - it's beautiful, your beautiful.

  5. I'm so glad Cassie. When I first met you at Cornerstone all those years ago, I felt like I had met someone special - and I had of course. So glad we got to know each other. Remember all of the Mosaicing days at your wonderful little house in Paddington?


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