Friday, August 12, 2011

Bunnies in Blackberry Bushes

beautiful eyes
How cute is this little fellow? This is how i met him... A couple of weeks ago a friend Jen and I rode our bikes down to the beach (we live 5 minutes from the beach by bike!) where we read our books in the sun on a pretty patchwork quilt on the sand. Sound divine? It was! On our way from the beach to dinner at a local pilgrimage spot the Naam I spotted a little guy like this one, then I saw some children crowded around a few more bunnies. Altogether I saw about 10 in a small space of time. I called out to Jen who was riding ahead of me but my voice was lost in the wind. Jennifer continued riding on but I just had to stop and see these cute things. They were coming out of the blackberry bushes and quite content to be around others equally as enthralled as I.

I jumped back on my bike and raced ahead to Jen who had begun to worry about how she'd managed to lose me. She seemed so cool about it all as I blabbered on and on about the bunnies. I vowed to return and see these little furry friends again. So yesterday Josh and I took our Aussie mate Liam to meet some more little bunnies and I'm sure we'll return again to sigh over their sweetness and pick blackberries (and small apples growing wild) too.
cute white socks
bunny with carrots
caramel bunny
Liam and Joshy
white stripe hiding
apples and blackberries
mini apples
2 black bunnies
soft for a bunnies bed
sweet little things
bossy big rabbit
snacks for us and the bunnies
It seems these bunnies once had homes with humans but were released or escaped and have made themselves at home in the thickets in Jericho Beach Park near the Tennis Courts and Sailing Club. They hardly look feral do they?


  1. so unbelievably cute! and such a lovely variety of colours. Will have to send Fi the link, I'm sure she'll enjoy :)

  2. Those are superbly beautiful pictures. I don't imagine they're very easy to capture on film!

  3. Aren't they just the sweetest?!


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