Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Afternoon snack on the front steps

beetroot-hummus-and-iced-tea Isn't betroot a delicious colour? Lots of beets at the farmers markets at the moment so I made this beetroot hummus for a tasty afternoon snack. I'm savouring time at home with Josh before I start my new teaching job next week and he is back into full-time study. For dipping I made some pita wedges which i think I was introduced to by my beautiful sister Cath. I look out for packets of pita bread on special (79c when they're getting near their used by date at Kitsilano Natural Foods) and I use my trusty scissors to cut the pitas into wedges. A sprinkling of extra v. olive oil, some chunky rock salt, a few minutes under the grill and they brown up beautifully.

Iced Tea is something I have wanted to try making for a while. (I've heard the commercially made brands can have as much sugar as soft drink!). I steeped 2 bags of Citrus infusion tea and stirred in some honey to sweeten it a little. Then I let it cool in the fridge and poured it over ice with some fresh lemon and mint to serve. Summer on the front steps.


  1. what a delicious way to spend the afternoon... I have always loved beetroot dip in any variety :) When we lived back in Australia (and Iived in a lebanese neighborhood) I used to buy a lot of their flat bread and when it started to turn a bit stale brush it will olive oil and crisp it up in the oven - a little parsley and garlic was delicious too. I'm yet to find that kind of bread here in France!

  2. Beautiful images s. I love the beet root...must try that hummus! thank you for the recipe!

  3. Emily, I think being away has certainly helped me to appreciate Australia and many wonderful parts of my life with new eyes. There is lots of bread in France too to drool over I am sure ...
    ...Thanks Rhya~!

  4. This looks amazing Sharolyn. Great idea on the beetroot hummus. I will definitely be giving this one a try! Thanks for the post!


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