Monday, November 22, 2010


I visited Bondi in Sydney for work recently - quite a treat, and bought these flowers back on the plane - just because I could (we just don't get flowers like they do down south up here in the tropics). Here they are wilted but still eerily beautiful don't you think? (I love the morning light so I suppose these could go in my light series).

I haven't spent much time in Sydney and could tell straight away that it is very different to Brisbane. Equally beautiful, but different. I left a sunny, warm Brisbane and arrived in a cool, cloudy Sydney where everyone was wearing boots and jumpers. I especially loved and wish I had taken more pictures of all the bagel shops, Jewish men in their traditional hats, and the inside of all the taxsis I drove in - it's cute the way they personalise their 'workspace'. Here is some interesting comissioned street art down by Bondi Beach and I can't believe noone ever told me about double-decker trains in Sydney - I was so excited when I went to hop on and realised.

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