Sunday, October 24, 2010


Some snaps from a recent holiday to a secret little spot on the NSW north coast. A week in this pristine national park without electricity and faulty solar power meant no lights after dark so early to bed and early to rise and a lovely break from the hum of city life. A week of red dirt, salt water, mouldy cheese, wine, oysters, sunshine, rain, oil lanterns, reading and STRATEGO - our new favourite board game. Oh and kangaroos. I have seen kangaroos many a time but was absolutely enthralled by these beautiful things - no wonder they're an icon, they're incredibly cute. So ridiculous seeing a big joey in it's mothers pouch with legs poking out. My only regret - not taking more people to share this secret with. compilation-template-luxuriesKangaroo-Joey
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  1. That holiday looks so dreamy. One day. In a decade or two when we can go without kids!

  2. Great photos Sharolyn! I have so many great family memories of Stratego... we loved it as kids!


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