Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures with grandma Shaz during the magic hour

Magic hour 974I am a grandma in many ways and we sometimes joke that I went from about 16 to 60. I like to go to bed early, I like knitted rugs, I've been known to wash out plastic bags and hang them on the line... I'm sure Josh could give you many more examples, but I like to think I'm also an adventurous child. Today I rode my (Josh's) skateboard clumsily (practice makes perfect...) to Everton Park (about 2km) to go to the post office. I also took a bit of a fun risk taking my camera. We all returned completely unharmed and I re-discovered a most amazing treehouse in the process. So many more pictures but here is a preview:
Magic hour 909
Magic hour 901
Magic hour 878
Magic hour 870


  1. Oh my goodness, where is that treehouse?? GREAT photos :)

    I had a giggle at your grandmother-ly ways! So cute!

  2. Sorry I forgot to reply Lauren. It's in Enoggera, I think the street might be picnic street. It's near the back of Everton Park Highschool if that means anything. Isn't it fantastic?! Meant to post more pics so will try and do that soon.


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