Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somewhere to start

Not so long ago I got together with some good friends of mine - Kim and Catie and some paints, pencils and paper, but I find it is difficult to be creative on demand. Moments of inspiration seem to often come in the midst of madness don't you find? Stuck for somewhere to start I cut a section of text from a newspaper, circled a few words I liked, blanked the others out and proceeded to draw what the words described. A fun way to start. I will try this again sometime I think.


  1. very nice. i love the simple black pen and a little colour combo.

    do you scan these or photograph them?

  2. Thanks love. I would like a scanner, I think you can do some great stuff with them, but I just photograph them. 2D things don't photograph so well so I sometimes whiten the paper or fix colours in photoshop :)


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