Monday, July 26, 2010

Lismore, Louisiana

On our way home from Bangalow we took the scenic (educational) inland route through Lismore, Nimbin and Murwillimbah. We were heading out of Lismore, dissapointed by the apparent lack of coffee spots when we came accross Blue Tongue cafe. It was a fantastic place and reminded us of New Orleans, Louisiana - ecclectic, perhaps a little tired and worn, but warm and homely and I'm pretty sure it had the obligatory friendly, kind-of-creepy, grey cat. Attention to detail included perfectly preserved dead butterflies in the front window, newspaper to steady the table and wild jungle out the back. Be sure to stop there next time you're visiting. It's on the way out of town opposite a mechanics shop. Delightful!


  1. You have a lovely blog & take lovely photographs!

  2. Sharolyn!

    It is wonderful to have a comrade!
    I was beginning to feel alone in all those posts (^_~)

    I think those books were capstones in my development, how 'bout you? I mean, from where I was coming from, they blew my mind, dusted up all the pieces, and assured me "you'll be fine, just pop these back in your head now." AND after all that, I still believe in God. Now, I wave to them on my bookshelf like friends, keep them close to me like family. Tell me about your experiences!

    Your blog is spectacular! (HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!! :confetti: + :toasting: + :unnecessary greeting card:) You lucky dog you. Married! Teaching. Making things. Look-at-you-n-stuff. We're blog friends from now on. ^_^


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