Monday, May 3, 2010

1980 Vintage

josh's 30th invite
Last Monday we had a little get together for Josh's 30th with close friends and family. 4 of Josh's best mates today are guys he went to primary school with. I think over 20 years of friendship is pretty amazing and really says something about Josh, and the other boys too. Benno and Dave are now married with kids so it was great to have the little ones there, and just as they were leaving and the larrakins (Jacob and Nathan) were arriving we managed to get a photo of the 5 boys together (will post later when all sorted out - so many other pictures to wade through).

Made the invite in photoshop (although I am still finding it a struggle) as I really want to get as much practice in as possible. My sister would whip up something spiffier in 5 minutes and this took me a couple of hours... but I think I'm gradually getting more confident.

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