Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poppies for rememberance

poppy small for blog
I was feeling a bit blaze' about ANZAC Day (an Australian holiday to remember and honour soldiers who fell during WW1 and those still serving today). I don't have any family or friends directly affected by WW1 or WW2 for that matter. I said something off hand and later noticed Josh was upset. I felt convicted and was glad that he pointed me toward a place of respect. He said 'Lest We Forget' is all about the importance of remembering. How sad for a generation to live in ignorance of such an important part of our history. How sad for me to have been so flippant. Remembering is such an important part of honouring others and learning from them. Remembering is also a huge part of the Christian and Jewish faiths. Remembering where God brought us (me) from and where he is taking us (me!). I also think it is important to live with gratitude in response to the past. I have planted poppies every year since we began the tradition at my primary school. I do love them. Aren't those crushed red petals just divine? This is one from the year before last. This years ones are only tiny green shoots at present. LEST WE FORGET.poppy stand small for blog
One of the things I love about the country - roadside stalls with cheap and beautiful freshly grown flowers, fruit and vegetables. This was a beautiful spot in the hills outside of Sydney.

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