Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Ethel in colour
I recently took an excellent online photography course through The Define School, (which I can highly recommend as far as my experience goes). Part of our 'homework' was to photograph a stranger - preferably with permission (!). It was a fun challenge. I'd like to do it more often. I had Ignatius with me which I thought might possibly be a hindrance, but honestly, he was the best little assistant I could have asked for. We were waiting down at our local supermarket on a bench seat, people watching, when beautiful Ethel (and her friend Kathy) came and sat down next to us. Iggy was schmoozing with them before I had even realized. He's great at making new friends. So this is Ethel. Isn't she incredibly beautiful?! I was able to hear a little of her story. By now she is back home in northern Queensland and chemo treatment is over for good. Praise the Lord!
Iggy and Ethel

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  1. Just gorgeous Show!!!! That first shot is breathtaking. So much beauty. X


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