Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portraits in July

week 27_ (1)Week 27: Beetroot  fingers
week 29_Week 28: Biking babe week 29
Week 29: I wonder how these sunflower seeds got all over the floor...?
week 30
Week 30: Iggy has started pointing. He points to family photographs in the hallway, to friends as they arrive, to noises he hears. Also working on clapping at the moment.

 *This post is part of the 52 project: a portrait of Ignatius, once a week, every week (posted monthly...), in 2013.*


  1. These are so lovely :) I especially love Iggy with (in?!) the sunflower seeds!

  2. Oh pointing is the best! Suddenly they can communicate on a whole other level - makes figuring out what they want oh-so-much-easier :)

    1. Yes, agreed, I just love the pointing Audrey. He is so expressive about it too.

  3. Hey Shazzy - Iggy is so cute. Just lovely photos. I hope you all are well! Love Kimmy xoxoxox

  4. Hello Kimmy, thank you dearest, all is great xo


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