Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brisbane Winter

chair-and-house-in-sun _DSC0057
oranges-and-gum _DSC0040 
I love Brisbane in Winter;
yellow pompoms and silver foliage
blue skies
citrus in abundance
bare frangipani trees
birthday breakfasts
woolen snuggles
dappled light
reading in the afternoon sun, a rusty tin roof against the sky
orange cascade
snowflake flowers
party banners
pass the parcel on a picnic rug
gum blossum buds
wattle like baby corn
a sunny morning coffee spot
yellow gold
a local orchard, a shedding tree
glorious sunsets


  1. Beautiful! You summed up winter perfectly. Hasn't the weather been just amazing! I love your poem about winter too- beautiful similes, alliteration and imagery! hehe. love u. xoxo

  2. Ohhhhh what glorious scenes... winter in australia is a wondrous, crisp-eyed, precious thing isn't it?

  3. I can almost feel the crisp winter Brisbane days from looking at your beautiful photos. I adore all your photography Sharolyn.

  4. Thanks Natalie, I think this is my favourite time of year here, but there is something to love about every season as I am sure you are appreciating in California!


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