Friday, January 25, 2013

Vancouver Reflections: East Van

East Van neon sign L This weekend I'm feeling all sentimental about our old neighbourhood in East Vancouver (thanks Celeste and Nancy!) and all of the beautiful people who moved about these places. We lived just a few hundred metres from Commercial Drive and all of the colourful cafes, shops and characters that roamed the street. We also lived across the street from our amazing church, and within a short walk of many wonderful friends. Truly a unique place. And a rich community in the truest sense. I have so many pictures that I have never posted that I will try and bring in to the light in time. A way of remembering and giving thanks. Vancouver Reflections.Car-free-day Car-free-day-Caffe-Calabria Car-free-day-street-restaurant Street closed to cars for for Italian day. Sidewalk-chalk A birthday party in outrageous costumes on bicycles left these lovely chalk patterns all over the pavement. Raven-in-sunset-sky Drying-deck Drying-green-things Our neighbours used their top deck for drying vegetables... Meat-hung-out-to-dry ... and meat! Annie-on-veranda Laneway in fall Cottage Our little cottage next to the parking lot and community garden. _DSC0177_6324 Delicious fresh figs from Maria. Just a little of the beautiful summer bounty grown within steps of our home. We also had a great supply of tomatoes from her garden which were forever arriving on our doorstep, and there was the time a mysterious, giant zucchini awaited our arrival home.  'Maria & Jo' Maria passed plums and beans over the fence, and Annie dropped by with chokos and beans.

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